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Feb 2013

Still the River Flows!

Last week had my first chance to get a decent session in. 2 nights at Riba Roja produced no fish. Very few showing and with water temp at 5 degrees those that were weren’t feeding.

Snow melt now the culprit on top of all the rain water the river has been in full flow for over a month now.

With 3 days of the session left up stream we went with Fayon the prefered venue. I had a look round with the fishfinder no fish in our prefered swim and water temp of again 5 degrees even the Matarranya was feeling the cold.

Further up stream we went, passing the dam at Mequineza which had 3 doors open (impressive sight) on up to Caspe. Here ive never seen so much water, very nearly full and previous swims totally under water. We settled for a bay facing away from the very strong wind which was making waves which could sink a battleship. Conditions real pants but with 2 nights ahead of us and the sun in our faces and a chance af a wacker “So Wot”.

The wind blow day and night up until the morning we were leaving, flat clam and a chance to spot any fish. A few did show in the main part of the river so Rob quickly put his baits on the showing fish.

We gave it a good few hours while we packed away but it was not happening, the water temp got the better of us for sure. Well there is always next time and there was a nice sunset and it’s not always about catching! if I keep telling myself that i’ll believe it one day!

Keep you posted.sunset Caspe

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