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  1. russ adams
    Jun 24, 2013

    Just come back from short break there. On the ebro all I can say is bloody hell them cats are madas hell got me first one a little 10 pound and that fort well then we hit 77 over an all hell broke out what a fight ,I must of told half of Wales now ha ha fair play to Paul he helped a bit jokin wood not have seen the bank he not there top guide good fishin top place nice one Paul

  2. Mike Keyte
    Jul 03, 2013

    We have just got back from our second trip to Flix with Paul.
    We chose to return as we had a cracking first trip with carp to 40lb and catfish to 96lb.
    However importantly to us not only was the fishing great but we loved the beautiful surroundings and wildlife with few anglers and peace and quiet making it feel special and exclusive.
    This trip was slightly trickier due to the river being in flood due to the large water coming down from the mountains with the dam shutting on our arrival.
    However that is nature and uncontrollable but Paul worked hard to get the best out of our 4 days of fishing with us finishing with a real bang on a 32 hour marathon catching a great haul of carp to 32lb with a few 20’s and catfish to 64lb.
    Oh yes great catering as well, we were kept well fed and watered..

  3. jonny paxman
    Sep 10, 2013

    Another quality week fishing! 6th year in a row now, how does Paul manage with us?? Already booked dates for next September and counting down the days! Caught a 117 pound mandarin catfish which was an absolute beaut!!! My dad also caught an exquisite 35 pound carp and we had 14 fish which weighted over 500 pounds all together!!
    I’m absolutely useless at fishing! Amount of bait stops lost was stupid! Sorry Paul, will try and improve our fishing skills for next time!
    Did an all nighter at the Fig tree swim by the factory which was one of the funniest nights ever, even up with some of my Uni nights out! Some very interesting stories came out after Paul’s eight beer within an hour! Also the man burger he cooks is highly recommended!! He used a pineapple slice in the burger which I was sceptical about but when I came to have it I had to admit he is a genius!
    Couple of things to recommend are his barbecues and his potatoes as I know how much he loves peeling them!!!! Cheers for another great week, see you next September if you want us back!!

  4. Alex Regan
    Apr 14, 2014

    Well what can I say….. an amazing 4 nights spent on the river ebro! (And that’s from a non-Fishermans perspective.) Imagine how my better half Brad (an Angler) felt about this dream holiday he went on!) Let’s just say he was overly excited about catching a fish(cat) and still is overly excited about returning to catch more. Paul was truly the hostess of the mostest, accommodating our every need and entertained us throughout. Lots of fun and laughs had along the way. Learnt so much from Paul, that I am half tempted to call myself a “sort” of angler now (Is that against the law?) Brad caught 120Ib catfish and tons of carp. I caught my first ever carp 25Ib, so we achieved exactly what we wanted from going. Probably above and beyond. We will definitely be going back. Hopefully Paul will have bought a new pair of trainers by then. If not, next time I come over, I will be bringing pink Hunters so that we can be matching. This is a holiday that should be on everyone’s bucket list and we were very fortunate to of done it. Thank you Paul….Alex (The Sort) x

    • paul
      Apr 14, 2014

      Hi Guys
      What a week, fishing was good to, So nice when people leave with lots of ticked boxes. Glad the old shoe trick worked again, don’t tell anyone!!It saved me having to sit outside the super market all day with my rusty violin!! Look forward to round two would be great to have you both back.

      Regards Paul

  5. malc hume
    Apr 14, 2014

    1st time at the ebro with paul and it wont be the last as long as he will let the sneak (me) return .
    it is probably the most beautiful river I have ever fished and to walk away with 30 carp to 27lb and 5 moggies to 131 lb it was a dream week for me and my brother.
    I would recommend this trip to anyone angler or not, why would you want to sit next to a pool all day when you can fish in the most spectacular scenary and wildlife of the ebro the true ebro (NOT CRAB FISHING AT MEQUINENZA) .
    We had some great laughs with paul he has some great stories to tell and it also helps that hes from Essex and is full of s**t.
    He was a fantastic host and cooks a mean breakfast and when it comes to fishing he really knows what he is talking about thanks for a great week paul and hope to see you again.
    malc (the sneak) and chris

    • paul
      Apr 15, 2014

      It’s been a great start to the season with you guys catching some great fish and lots of them. The Big Moggie the icing on the cake. Coming from Norfolk and having only the little yellow birds to support (Football team) I can understand why you loved my hospitality so much!!lol because what I didn’t tell you is that not only am I an Essex Boy also a “Tractor Boy” !! now that has to hurt!! Enough of footy would be great to see you both another time, sure well meet again soon, un like The Mighty Ipswich Town and Norwich because were heading in opposite directions, us up you down lol !!!

  6. Russ and Mike
    Apr 29, 2014

    Well, well, well. All those years scratching away at the coalface have finally paid off. What a haul! Nobody knows that size matters more than us – rather disappointingly! Big is always best but you can only play the cards you are dealt. Anyway, moving on to the fish….
    To catch two record fish in the space of 3 hours does give you the right to wear a very smug face for a long time indeed – in fact, I think I still have it on now. We were convinced the 47lb 13oz common was a cat until about 5 minutes into the fight when a huge tail surfaced and there was no mistaking that this was a BIG carp and things became very serious. Thankfully Paul’s comedy landing net with a secret trap door was still behaving itself at this stage. When we lifted the fish out – which we have named ‘Alan’ – it was too big to comprehend. The photos just don’t do it justice, it was immense!
    The 142lb catfish came after dark only a few hours later. This was essentially two beasts fighting over the same 40 yards of line for 20 minutes. The big stinky ugly one eventually got the better of the exchange which paved the way for Paul to manfully drag this monster onto the bank, to our absolute disbelief.
    The image of the carp’s tail first breaking the surface and the roped up catfish coming up from the depths (for photos) will stay with me forever. By stark contrast, the image of Paul scratching his unmentionables whilst having a good think is an image I would like to forget as soon as possible. Thanks for eventually getting round to fixing the river Paul – much appreciated. It has plainly been broken for the last 9 years.
    Beyond these headline fish there were some other corkers – an 80, 71, 56, 52, 37 and some smaller cats together with a 25lb 11oz common right at the end. This is a great fishing session by any measure.
    A massive thank you to Paul for all his hospitality – who would have thought that putting three daft blokes on a riverbank with a coolbox full of beer could have been so much fun? Not to mention the exceptional cooking, trips around town and general going ‘above and beyond’.
    ‘On the Ebro’ is a truly exceptional experience, fantastic facilities in a stunning location with a host who really knows his fishing. It is hard to imagine how it could be improved upon. Looking forward to trip number 10. See you soon Paul.

    • Paul
      May 02, 2014

      Well well well, what a lovely comment, what a trip!! so so well deserved, we always have a great time and although Mike you have had some great fish over the years, not to forget your 80 this time round ( and is it really 9 of them ??) Russ you have been patient!! (well like a teddy bear with a sore head ). People and trips like this is what makes it all worth while.

  7. brian helire
    May 30, 2014

    hi paul,just a few lines thanking you for a fantastic weeks fishing,we all caught great fish even curly larry and mo,for myself it was a lifetime dream to fish the great river ebro and to catch a 84lb cat and great thanks again for being so patient with us all,and thanks also for the trips to the village bars and great restraunts I will be having a pint later so cheers pal take care have a great season
    all the best. brian

  8. Sean Howell
    Jun 05, 2014

    Just back from a 5 night stay a few sticky days but didn’t matter with such beautiful scenery. But with Paul’s legendary guidance and knowledge it all came good with a cracking last couple of days. Great place great company great holiday. Definatly coming back not just for the fishing but also for the baguettes and banter. Cheers Paul see you next year.

  9. louis gallagher
    Jun 10, 2014

    Arrived back in UK on 3rd June.
    My first time going and certainly will not be my last, awesome fight with a 64lb catfish on the carp rod.
    Paul is a good man with vast knowledge and exquisite potatoes and a very good sense of humour. I could not have asked for a better fishing guide and host to have shared my time in Flix with.
    All the best Paul until next time

    • paul
      Jun 10, 2014

      Thanks Louis and Sean

      Hay takes 2 or even 3 to Tango!! great week guys really hope to see you soon.
      Regards Paul

  10. Chris and Dave
    Sep 22, 2014

    The fishing has been superb and nothing like we have experienced before. We both caught a couple of eighty pounders each plus some smaller fish. The Ebro around Flix is also in really beautiful location and Paul is a first class host and we will definitely will be back for another trip.

  11. Andy Bent
    Oct 11, 2014

    This is a little late seen as I was there in May 2014 but hey ho better late than never hey Paul…………………. :-)

    I arrived in early May 2014 along with fishing Partner Chris and also Terry who just came along for the crack as a non fisherman.
    Upon arrival we stopped for a quick Beer then straight out on the fish.
    The fishing was tuff as we managed to pick the week that the Moggies were starting to.. …you know get on it , with a bit of Barry White playing in the background.
    We still managed to bank some cracking Cats along with a couple of PB’s on the Carp front.

    When I started investigating our first Cat fishing trip it became very clear that there are lots of companies offering guided trips but very few offering that personal touch and small group Experience that Paul offers which I have to say was great.
    All 3 of us had a fantastic time and Pauls Knowledge of the Ebro and its monster inhabitants is second to none.
    From the moment we arrived we wanted for nothing as Paul sorted the lot including some rather tasty homemade Breakfast rolls on the bank then lunch and to finish it off local takeout kebabs/Pizza/Burgers delivered for our evening meals along with a cooler full of Beer.
    We as a group opted to stay out on the bank from the very first night which was by far the right choice for us having said that the rooms that are available at Paul’s are lovely and spotlessly clean with comfy beds.

    I will finish by saying we had such a great time we are returning on Nov 8th to have another go that in its self with all the other comments in the guestbook should make your decision on who to use for your first trip really easy!
    Also for those of you that are using On The Ebro for the first time don’t bother wasting your time stopping on the way from the airport for any Food ,Beer or soft drinks as Paul will supply it all for you and the prices that he charges are no more than you would pay in a super Market.

    Happy fishing and tight lines
    Andy from Wiltshire

  12. russ
    Nov 21, 2014

    Dearest Paul

    I have just been reading your blog and whilst it would appear, at face value at least, that you are indeed having a good end to the season, I wish to challenge your claim to be breaking ALL your records…..
    Need I remind you of the 48lb common and the 142lb cat on carp gear.
    If you correct your blog post haste we shall say no more about it!

    Looks like you’re having a stormer mate – well done! Bet you are ready for a break. Looking forward to seeing you when we return next year. If I don’t speak to you before have a great Christmas. All the best – Russ

    • paul
      Nov 22, 2014

      Hi Dearest Russ
      I’m still a couple of weeks behind as I write… there is a chance that your incredible efforts have been beaten!!!! or not you will have to wait!!!
      Look forward to seeing you next year bud.

  13. Chris Eccott
    Jun 01, 2015

    My fishing buddy Big Fish Simpson and I have just had a weeks fishing with Paul.We have fished all over the world and agree that it was the best fresh water angling holiday we have ever had.Not bad when we have 110 years between us!
    Paul puts an amazing amount of effort to make the fishing and your holiday memorable.Transport,Cooking,Guiding and Humour are all part of his daily routine.
    We caught Cats to107lbs and Carp to 36lbs.The carp are wonderful fish as nature intended not the force fed creatures of other venues.
    If you respect his local rules and listen to his advise you can’t go wrong.
    Thank you Paul.
    CHRIS & B.F.Simpsonl

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