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Oct 2015

Not Another One!!!!!

5th -12th June

After a tough couple of years it was so nice to see Julie and Chris back for their third trip. After travelling all day we decided to take it easy (well Chris was ordered to!!!) and wait till 6pm and have a few hours down the garden. With Chris pacing up and down raring to go we set up 2 cat rods, half hour in and Chris is doing battle with a zoo creature!!!! good 15 min battle and what or who should appear……..bloody “Lumpy” at 86lb.Chris "Lumpy" 86lb

Chris had a couple more smaller fish before dinner and some sleep. Next day we went off to the “Fig Tree”. They had never seen this part of the river before, so as me and Chris set up Julie went for one of her walks…..we caught a small cat but where was Julie???? we packed up looked for her over by the Nature reserve not there!! in the village nope!! tad worried we went back home and there she was reading a book lol!!! now most people moan about walking to the car!!! Julie walked all the way back to the house taking in the sights!!!! well done you. After lunch and a rest we popped down the garden for the evening, Chris baiting the rods me casting out, rod 1 out i turned round for the 2nd when rod 1 was away!!! quick start then……this was literally the start as the rods just didn’t stop! all great scraps 7 fish in just 2 and a bit hours, including 2×80’s a 70 (which was grabbed on the way in!!!!) and 4 smaller ones.78lb Chris

This fish was grabbed by the back of the head on the way in!!!!!

Next day and a day away from the river, off to see what Mequinenza is all about. Quick look around and a coffee and a mystery tour over the mountains of Fayon back home stopping off for a lovely meal in Riba Roja. Siesta time over with, I set Chris up at the garden but left Julie in charge as i had to nip to the shops…..gone no more than half hour!! (honest) i returned to find all hell had broken loose. Chris in a panic!! Julie up a tree!!! one of my prized rods bent double, “Where have you been”!!!! they both shouted!!!!!!! I helped Julie out the tree then on to sorting out Chris in landing……. Bloody “Lumpy” again 6 times we have banked him this year!!!! After all had calmed down we put the rods out again, half hour passes and nearly time to wrap it up and one of the rods was doubling over again…..Not Another One!! came from Julie ha ha ha it was another great scrap but i think we had all had enough of cats by then so time to pack up. We took it easy from then on, more touristy things which was nice even visiting the castle here at Miravet.Miravet Castle

Time had flown by and it was soon time to say our goodbyes, fantastic company, very leisurely fishing with plenty of drama and fish…… a really great trip had by all.


Until next time  Paul

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Oct 2015

Carp, Cats and Ketchup!!!

28th May-4th June

After 4 years away it was nice to see Glenn and Jack again, this time they had brought with them Matt and Dec (Ketchup). Jack won an Anglers Mail cap for his 41lb common he caught here last time so what would come their way this week. They all wanted to camp out so we set off to the Figgy where we set up the 4 ovals, tea facilities and cool box which boy did that need some re-filling!!!! Glenn got us off the mark with a small cat and by the  morning all had caught with Glenn catching a new PB at 84lb. Glenn 84lb

Day 2 went well, plenty of drinking munching and fishing but it was what was waiting for me on a rope the following morning, a very smug looking Glenn and this quite stunning looking full Mandarin at 88lb.Glenn 88lb

Lots of fish being caught a few nice carp to 27lb but where were the monsters?? well it was up to total novice Matt in three goes of the rods he managed 2 “Tons” and lost a monster in between!!! the biggest being this cracker at 109lb.Matt 109lb

Dec yet to score big apart from how much Ketchup he consumes !!! literally  covering everything in it even ham salad baguettes!!!!! but he soon got on the score board with two quick fire cats both caught on pellets dipped in ketchup!!!Ketchup brace of 70's

Jack did get amongst the big fish with a go down the garden so what a weeks fishing, Glenn noting every catch and in his words spent a priceless week camping out with his lad Jack and his two future son in laws. Final tally was 1950lb’s of fish….2×100’s 4×80’s 3×70’s and 37 fish up to 60lb including 6 carp to 27lb. Great week of hauling lets hope it doesn’t take 4 years to get back here again!!!


until next time Paul

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Oct 2015

Making it Look Easy!!!!

Trip 20th-27th May

Nice to have new customers and I was pleased to welcome Chris and Paul here, They won’t mind me saying but they have a few years between them and many of those fishing all round the world…..mainly for huge game fish!!!! So how to approach this trip as camping out was not an option!!!

Garden was our first place with Paul after a big cat and Chris’s goal a nice 20 plus carp. two cat rods and two carp in place with boilies and pellets fed the waiting game began. 15 minutes of waiting and one of Paul’s cat rods is away…Paul pulls into a very strong fish. He has had Marlin to over 700lb from a boat but this is different but after a 10 minute tussle he had a cracking 77lb cat to add to his portfolio.Paul 77lb

A good start so the following morning we had a look up at the Fig Tree, Cat rods and carp rods cast out waiting game…. Well bit longer than yesterday but Chris was first in and although he wanted carp he was impressed by the strength of these cats as he got off the mark with a 55lb moggie. Rods back out we planned on fishing till 3pm then back for a bite to eat rest and another go down the garden. Well that was the plan until close to packing up a cat rod screams off and Paul is into a real beast. no snags to contend with and lots of river this cat was on a mission. No reversing the boat after this one but Paul hung on well and we were soon cradling my first “Ton” of the season 107lb.Two Paul's and 107lb

Well a great start, with Paul catching his target fish now for a big carp for Chris. Afternoon spent relaxing with another go down the garden at 6. Same set up and soon Chris was into a carp no monster but a nice high double. Then Paul was into a cat, another good fish great scrap and a know fish as “Lumpy” was banked at 84lb.

Next couple days went pretty much the same with Paul landing more cats into the 70’s Chris joining him with smaller cats and carp all high doubles but all done at a nice steady pace, we had a day out on the boat but this proved fishless so with a couple of days left we needed a big carp.

What with Paul hauling in the cats Chris decided he would be on the cat rods, I nipped down the shops for half hour, on my return I was met with carnage!!!! Mud, weed and slime hard to make out the lads from the fish but half in the water half out with Chris hanging onto it was……..bloody “Lumpy” again!!! twice in a few days but he fights like bonkers so pleased to see him and Chris was off the mark with a big cat. Paul looking after the carp rods was soon into a decent fish. Slow strong plodding fight could he have picked up a good cat on the carp rods??? Well as it got nearer to the net we all see the huge tail of a carp come up! could swapping rods come back to bite Chris……well yes as Paul lifted up a stunning common weighing in at 36lb 4oz.Paul 36lb 4oz

This trip was going very well with some cracking fish coming out, we gave the Fig Tree one last go with Paul and Chris both catching 70lb cats, we still had the garden to have one last go at catching a big 20lb carp for Chris. 6 pm arrived and we soon had the rods out, first fish was a nice high double mirror carp which don’t come out that often. Then a good fish lost to Chris’s rods……has he left it too late????? well the next run nearly pulled to rod off the rest and after a great fight Chris nervously pulled the fish into the waiting landing net. Quickly we had the fish in the sling but wouldn’t show Chris what the scales were showing!!!!! Yes he had done it with the scales showing a little over 25lb well done Chris.Chris 25lb

Well what a trip, many cats and carp up to 50lb’s and 3×70’s 3×80’s the 107lb and the cracking carp at 36lb 4oz great company, just fishing mid day and a few hours in the evenings if only it was like this all the time!!!!!!

Thanks Guys hope you will pop back another time soon.


until next time Paul

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Oct 2015

Beginners Luck………

Trip 12th-19th May.

Well its nice to have repeat custom but bloody hell I can’t get rid of two of these, Tony, James and Darren!!!! Only joking it doesn’t get much better than repeats and with Tony and James always a giggle…and a fish or two!!!!

Venue for this trip Riba Roja Dam, not easy to access the swim but always full of fish. So 3 lots of kit lowered down a 30 foot high concrete wall and 20 gallons of milk with 2000 tea bags!!!! Darren having never fished before was first up, we had 2 cat rods on pellets, 2 carp rods at distance and the 2 right hand rods in amongst the weed patches. First rod to go was a cat rod, not the best introduction to fish hanging on to a cat rod screaming at you but Darren done very well and was soon cradling a nice 55lb cat. The  carp rods were seeing plenty of action with all 3 catching some nice carp to mid 20’s. Tea flowing well and a pattern was starting to show……every big fish was coming to Darren. 3 days in and he has had the only cat and carp too 28lb having never fished before!!!! James was keeping an eye and baiting a spot right under the dam as he had spotted some huge carp there but the swim was being spooked by other anglers arriving early morning fishing for Zander so that spot will have to wait for later in the year.

Weather was very hot by day but after the sun had dropped temps were nice and the river came alive and it was about this time when on Darren’s turn he was into a very nice carp. Didn’t really how big till it fancied another scrap under the rod tip but once in the net we knew it was a big fish…..not quite to magic” 40″ but at 38lb 12 oz a real cracker..Darren 38lb 12oz

Well the Darren show was going well James was more like Tony and Darren’s carer but he to was catching some nice carp…..and demolishing the cakes and biscuits!!!!!

last evening and we saw some cats rolling so there is only one way to get them feeding and that is to let them have some bait….heavy feeding of pellets 4 rods set on the spot see what happens. Soon it was Tony into a good fish typical Ebro cat scrap, but the other rod was also away!! so we had a double header to deal with. Both fish were landed with James landing a nice 70 and Tony a 85. Tony 85lb Morning came with a couple more carp, so we photographed Tony’s fish and time to haul all the kit up the 30 foot wall!!!

Great trip, something a little different, we had over 50 runs landing 30 odd fish with the dense weed beds claiming a few, but that’s wild fishing, beginners luck was on our side..


until next time  Paul

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Sep 2015

Sorry!!!!!! and we now have Wi Fi…….

As you are all aware my blog is badly out of date!!!!! only excuse I have is ive been so busy but as I have now installed wifi here there should be no more excuses….. all catches are being posted on Face Book…….


See you soon Paul

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May 2015

First Session back at the” Figgy”

Long time waiting due to river conditions but the Fig Tree was calling so Matt, Tobi and Paul on tow off we went. The lads only wanted to fish days so we got set up as usual 4 cat, 2 carp rods and a good helping of pellets and Nutcracker.

Matt first on the rods and after a bit of a wait the Fig  produced its first run of the year to one of the carp rods. Ha Ha Matt was into a moggie on the carp rods great scrap and Matt who is a big lad was getting well and truly beaten up. 15 minutes in and we had it landed in the form of a very lively 65lb er. First ever cat for Matt and a very happy one at that. IMG_20150504_153911

Days proved hard going with a couple of carp and cats too 28lb but good sport. A night was needed and as the weather was being kind the third night we stayed out. Great idea as the rods were active with more cats to 28lb some nice carp to 20lb plus and Matt with another moggie at55lb.Paul 20lb

Tobi 22lb

We stayed most of the next day with only one more carp landed, a BBQ was enjoyed on their last night with a few hours fishing down the garden but an early trip back to Barca ment there time was up. Good trip with everybody catching new PB’s and im sure they will be back.


Until next time Paul

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