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Nov 2014

Finishing in Style.

What with the weather not great wet and cold it was Andy, Chris, Terry who were to have a go for the second time this year with a new face in Simon. So camp set up lets see what happens. Andy lost a very big fish here back in May but the snag has been removed so should be ok in landing some big uns this time. Well Andy duly did with a fish weighing exactly 100lb what a start and Chris followed up with a big 80 and new PB.Chris 84lb

Conditions wet but they managed a few smaller fish when Simon hooked into a big one. Biggest fish before this trip was a upper double carp so watching him play this one was priceless, didn’t help getting stick from his so called friends!!! but at 104lb the Figgy was still producing.Simon 104lb

Terry (he’s the one on the left) is a non fisherman he just comes for the crack!!!! and well prepared as his luggage turned into full camping kit including luxury sleeping bag, over wrap blow up mattress (shaped like a sheep)!!!! and binoculars for spotting birds!!!!!  Yes we kept Terry down the far end!!!!  Pizzas and Kebabs keeping the lads fed well biscuits, more kebabs, cheese on toast, bacon rolls, more crisps, more tea, more coffee more lots of food they were ok!!!!

Their trip was for 3 nights which soon came round, Andy on strike when a spod rod was away. Andy is a big lad…. used to playing barbel on a light rod and centre pin so when a fish does this to him he knew he had a good fish on. So much line could he have hooked the biggest fish of the season!! The fished stayed low and because it was on a spod rod with carp rig!! He couldn’t put too much more pressure on it but slowly he got it back to in front of us only for a banana to surface!!! Wow  many years have passed with out seeing a true Manderin but we have now. What a fight as well, what a finish to their trip and the season.94lb manderin Andy

Scales pulled up short for it to be a Ton but really didn’t matter 94lb was big enough for this incredible creature. Andy 94lb manderin

Well that’s that, we went out and had a great steak meal and a couple of beers to celebrate, the lads finished my best ever season in style, I’m now going to have a rest before I try and write up all that’s happened this year!!!

The Fig Tree has done the business for most this year lots of big cats, some huge carp kept us cool in the summer and freezing cold in the winter! but with the first full year of fishing here it has produced and done us proud.

Looking forward to next year!!!!!


Until 2015   Paul


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Nov 2014

Cocker Hoop !!

Nice to see these faces again and with a new recruit, it was Mikes retirement hol and what better way to celebrate than with Steve, Sam and Matt fishing the fantastic river Ebro. The river has provided plenty of action in previous visits normally after the dams had been open. But in November there was little chance of that happening and the Fig Tree was in fine form so good time to be here. First thing Sunday morning all well feed truck loaded lets go see who’s in the swim, nobody great so camp set up rods in place so lets see what happens. First on the rods was Matt and just into dark he was in, not a monster but at 50lbs plus a great start for Matt’s first Ebro trip.

That evening we were due a bit of rain but it started at 10pm and poured down all night!!! I arrived at 8-30am the following morning track nearly un passable but didn’t need to tell them that the dam doors were open!!! as the river and no rods in the water told the storey. Now was this down to heavy rain or just a day cleaning the river out of weed?? We didn’t hang around to find out has the river was very close to the track so two trips made and all the very damp camp was back at base. Not a good start and the second time they have been here when the doors have opened!!! Anyway by 4 pm the water started to go down so two trips back and  camp set up again back in business! Steve was on strike and again into dark a spod rod was away…. fantastic fight on the softer rods and he and Sam as his wingman were soon cradling a new PB at 78lb.Steve 78lb

A better night passed with some smaller cats and carp but it was the text message from Matt that was of interest as it read Ton Club just started!!! On my arrival there it was roped up nicely, they weren’t sure on the weighing so we got the huge fish back in the sling and the scales went round too 129lb cracking fish and definately in the Ton Club.Matt 129lb

Well with everybody catching some great fish, well except Mike who should be steeling the show seeing it was his show!!!! but there were plenty of days and nights to go. That evening spod rod away and it was Mikes turn, good scrap, Mike kept saying its not a cat, but by the way the rod was bending it was, strong fight keeping low, I was convinced but as it started to tire up popped a huge carp. Ohh big surprize as the carp had been staying away from the area but after now knowing what it was wobbly jelly legs time!! but it was well hooked and soon we had it on the mat. Huge fish perfect condition and never previously seen a hook all 43lb 3oz of it.mike 43lb 3oz

Well very fitting as Mike keeps Koi Carp back home and given the choice he would have gone for the big carp rather than cat. Still a few days to go and it was Sam to get amongst the cats with a 84lb beastie. More fish came nights were cold so the typical early morning just into dark times were producing fish. Following morning and I was met by a very wet cold Sam, apparently trying to score a goal like Michael Owen used to, resulted in Sam’s trainer flying and did it fly straight into the river good side up so it floated down stream!! by the time it got to the sunny patch some 500 yards down stream it was starting to sink so down to his pants in he dived straight in and saved it!!  Mean while back by the rods there was a dark shape tied up, Steve had felt the full force of a biggie that night proper scrap taking best part of half an hour to land, they done well as to not drag it up the bank and simply roped it up, so they knew it was big but not what it weighed. Whilst cooking breakfast the rods were away, Matt landing a 99lb cracker and Sam again with a great fight resulting in another one for him at 84lb. What did the biggie weigh, we were going to try and get all 3 fish photographed together but the big one was a bit lively so we done it first, scales went round to 136lb.136lb Steve  Long fish at 2m 38cm and a very happy Steve and company, what a trip, lots of fish caught some real big cats, plenty of others to keep the lads on their toes, Mikes carp a cracker, all this with heavy rain, river in flood, cold nights, only one shoe its enough to make you want to cry!!!!!! but thats fishing and makes stories to tell, and I’m sure they would rather catch the fish they did in adverse conditions, then sun bathe.

This weeks total added to the last 2 pushed the tally to 6,800lbs truly incredible end to the season and with one more session to go!!!



Until next time  Paul

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Nov 2014

Could The Record Be Broken !!

Last year James won my Comp with his 138lb cat, with James “Skinner” James back again  and a new recruit  Steve. So 25th Oct normal fiasco renting a car they arrived late  so plan was to hit Figgy in the morning. Sunday morning quickly set up camp, rods out time to get some pellets drilled. Yes I know an electric drill  does it quicker so does trailing a long net catching fish ( reference to our eastern friends who think its great fishing this way up at Caspe). But you have to pass the time away somehow (James is on level 500 of candy crush so you know how he does)!!!! So James drilled loads, Skins done some New boy Steve’s turn…….. Now ive had lots of cheap drills here for years but last week my brother kindly lent me his good one!!  10 years old and never let him down…. so 10 minutes in Steve’s hands BROKEN….Steeeevve . Anyway I quickly forgot the brakeage and gave him one of my crappy old ones which give you cramp!!

Rods out not that long and already fish on the bank, Small cats but a welcome mid 20 carp for James. Morning came first things first deal with James being snagged up with a big fish still on….ohh that snag claimed some big fish this year, I got my dingy but to no avail lost fish!!!Next thing…had Steve broken anything!!!! no thank god but 3 tight ropes ment that they had been busy!! First night, early morning producing 2 x 90’s and an 88 for the lads great start, OOO and a cracking common to Steve all 39lb 7oz of it!2x90 88 James, Steve39lb 7oz Steve

After the morning session time to drill more pellets and have a cuppa, hard work drilling pellets when your 10 year old worked very well indeed drill had been broken but hay bit of elbow grease pellets done. Breakfast served tea made and Steve has one of his moments and broke the handle off one of my mugs, 11 years ive had them mugs yes 11, Steve break every thing Steve had struck again! No time to give him any stick as rod 4 is away and its Steve’s turn. Decent fight this but no monster…….I remember clearly telling him of the SNAG but Steve let it go straight in. Now im not one to loose my cool but 2 fish in a matter of hours adding to drills and mugs broken!!!!!!! So cool as a cucumber I rowed out and pulled from every direction until YES… I was gaining up it came rod bent triple up up up……SNAP!!!!!!! ouch rod shattered but the cut line had wrapped around an oar. Pass me gloves lads quick.. Steve throws it straight into the river!!!!! James better shot as I pulled up on the line by hand up it come first to show was a tree trunk, followed by a 40lb cat!! Steve had let a 40lb cat take him in the snag!!! still no problem has I had the flaming snag. On the bank we pulled branches covered in lost tackle….my lost tackle, leads hook links swivels all new great result even at the cost of a rod, The Snag was no more!!!!! IMG_20141028_155145IMG_20141028_155138

Morning events over and  Skinner was in…..ooo yes this was a good one towel needed for the nether region…….time to drill some pellets!!! and more tea in fact  time for lots of things as this one was proper angry.  Great great scrap resulting in a lovely dark brown coloured beastie weighing in at 131lb new PB for Skinner.131lb James

Next day went without drama, more fish landed but  much quieter until Steve was in again, now we had given him some stick over well lots of things but 10 minutes in and I saw the pain on his face this was a good fish….20 mins poor Steve was hanging on we pulled all the other rods in as a huge head surfaced. No snag was bliss and we hauled this huge moggie up the bank….. well done Steve you had broken something else!!!! your PB as it pulled the scales round to 135lb.135lb Steve

Well what a trip, great fun, figgy and the boys doing the business. Next morning they had a fish not weighed but roped up, I took Steve and Skinner back for a shower. On our return we meet a slightly bothered James!!! where have you been!! well something like that.. We told him to bring a couple of rods in but superman James! had a big fish on rod 4 when rod 6 ripped off!! ha ha because rod 6 was the other side of a tree!! Anyway we heard his storey!! (100 times) how he managed to play two fish and unhook them yawn yawn!!!!!! now there were 2 fish roped up and another rod was bent over double. Great fight resulting in another 90lb cat. Time to weigh the others to find one was 101lb the other another 90 what a few hours fishing!101, 96 James

This brought their total to a few pounds sort of 2000lb of cats and carp, time for one more, small 50 but it took them over to 2000lb mark!!!

Great week again over 5000lb of cats in the last 2 weeks, snag gone and lots of laughs and giggles on the way. Last weeks record wasn’t broken but everything else was (thanks Steve)!!!!!

Season coming to an end but the fish are feeding well so what will the last two parties do???????



Until next time Paul


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Nov 2014

Record Breakers !!

Saturday 18th October and it was Matt and Ben to have a go on this incredible River…….and the Fig Tree was on form so a good time to be here.

Matt had had some “special boilies” made up for them to try out so we soon were camped up under the Fig Tree. Matt carp angler Ben umm angler but hopefully after a few fish under his belt he would be ok.  First day and they were off to a flyer cats in the 70’s for them both many others but the boilies hadn’t had a bite  as yet but no problem they smelt fishy so sure they would work. Day 2 and morning proved a good session as more cats were banked now  into the 80’s. The afternoon carried on and it was Ben who found himself attached to something huge!!!! For someone who hasn’t done a lot of fishing this was a great sight……long runs taking yards of line off the spool but Ben was getting the hang of this cat fishing and was soon cradling their first Ton at 107lb.Ben 108lb

They were recording every catch and came clear that they were getting close already to the 1700lb of cats caught last year in a 3 night session so with that in mind all the rods were regularly re-baited and were given plenty of freebys to munch on.

Apart from Matt and Ben I had my brother Mark over for a week, he usually nicks a few good barbel out of the River Severn but with his light carp rods and 10lb line probably 6 years old he put a single pellet out for carp. No carp but in the week he managed 11 cats up to 44lb fantastic sport on the light tackle..Mark 34lb

With 3 nights to go and the total at 1400lb it was Matt’s turn to feel the force of a big Ebro cat. Same fight very strong and so it should be as Matt landed the very same fish that Ben had 2 days ago….now up by a pound at 108lb.Matt 108lb

Next morning more good fish banked and they had passed the previous recorded total with over 2000lb of cats, but still 2 nights to go. More feed going in even the boilies were catching fish now, I nicked a 102lb mog last time Matt lets me have a go!!!  more 80’s and 90’s these now were just being weighed and released with out pics!!

The last morning as I arrived proved to be the icing on the cake, a rope in the water two smug faces and a large dark shape lurking in the water. Turns out Matt generous as always let Ben have a go on a rod……turned out to be the fish of the trip at 138lb… huge very long fish room for it to be 150 some day.Ben 138lb

Well what a weeks fishing, regular baiting,  re-casting and hard work produced 51 fish for Matt and Ben total weight 2740lb……a few fish lost as well, add my brothers 11 cats to the weeks total and it was over 3000lb!!!!

You hear of these totals being caught at Caspe and Mequinensa but this is little old Flix the guys saw 1 other angler all week and also did’nt have to put up with rubbish littering the place. Big thumbs up to both of you and also to Flix and the “Fig Tree”.  will it ever get beaten????????


Until next time Paul

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Nov 2014

Ducking and Diving !!

David and Frank were also here last year and had a fantastic time with David catching a Ton within 30 minutes of casting out and Frank a superb carp of 39lb, so lets see what this year brought them.

I am writing this late but their trip started 11th October, we got settled into the Fig Tree and straight away they were into fish. A couple of smaller fish to start but soon Frank was into a good one. First 2 nights passed with 70’s and 80’s being the biggest Figgy doing the business. The third day was a good day for Frank mid afternoon he was into a good fish, proper good scrap as always but this one turned out to be Franks first Ton at 108lbFrank 108lb

Frank kept saying if he broke the Ton he would jump in but he wouldn’t do that………umm ohh yes he would and duely stripped to his pants and done a perfect dive straight in!!!!! think the photo shows it was cold when he got back out!! Great a Ton under our belts and still 3 nights to go.

Following day a few more good fish came but it was Frank again to hook into a biggy. Sometimes you just know when its a big fish and this was no exception. Strong heavy fish taking lots of line but not in any hurry….20 minutes passed and we had it on the bank, all 126lb of it huge very long cat and the trip was going from strength to strength.Frank 126lb

No jumping in this time but it was time for David to get amongst the biggies!! He delivered second from last day and a carp rod was away…… now we have landed some big fish on these rods but ohh dear this was mad……..very nearly spooled out and also he had walked a long way down the bank could David handle it!!!   Yes he loves it and a perfect end as we hauled another Ton up the bank…..107lb new PB, great fun on a carp rod.David 107lb

The lads last day went with no action but it didn’t matter 3 “Tons” and countless others and even time to go for a swim!! they had a  fantastic trip, lets hope you can get back over next year!!


Until next time  Paul

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Nov 2014

Cat Man Did !!!!

With the “Fig Tree” back in form, back for their second trip this year (thank you) were Les and Barry. So with talk that Mequinensa was fishing well off we went!!!! We fished the Town stretch upstream from all the other anglers, wanted to fish down from them but with water levels very low there were no fishable swims. We fished up till 11pm but nothing came but we were back up here again in the morning for another go. Next morning we fished on the point upstream….. all day nothing until Barry had a run strange fight but up popped a good fish at 78lb great.Barry 78lb

So day 3 and I was looking forward to getting back to the Fig Tree……and very soon camp was set up. As you all know the best way is to rotate the rods as you all get a go on them but Les and Barry prefer to nome rods so Les was on 1 & 2 with Barry on 3 & 4. First blood to Les  with 2 fish to 50lb great start. That evening Barry was in and landed a new PB at 84lb great “figgy” was in form.

Day 2 here and it was Barry on rod 4 who was in this was a great fight and “cat man” Barry  was feeling it, but it didn’t take too long and soon Barry had upped his PB to 91lb.Barry 91lb

Next morning they decided to swap rods!!!!  now Les was on rod 3&4 which had done well for Barry. First run came too……..you got it rod 1 Barry was in again not a big fish but good sport. evening came round quickly and soon rod 2 was away and Barry was in again! this was a big fish as straight from the off it screamed off!! Barry was loving it and although it was hurting the smile on his face spoke many words. 15 20 minutes passed and we had it, very long fish which took the scales round to 125lb and PB number 3!!! Morning started well with yes rod 1 away and Barry landing another 91lb cat what a trip for Barry, Les just had to look on and give Barry a hand in lifting his huge Ebro Moggie.125lb Barry

That afternoon Les did get a run resulting in a nice 70lb plus cat but it was Barry who came out top.

Great trip but could of been for both of them had they took turns!!!!


Until next time  Paul


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