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Aug 2014

Back for the “Hundred”

David back looking to get a” Ton” under his belt and making up the pair was Ryan, carp angler back home could he handle the Ebro!!!!

Much the same as previous weeks with steady fishing bigger fish going to David to start with including this brace of PB’s in the 70’sDavid brace of 70's

Fishing in patches good, but nights were slow with fish coming early mornings and evenings and it was shortly after a re cast one morning that David was into a cracker. I received a text to say big fish roped up so with breakfast in a baguette packed, off I went to see just “how big”.

Big fish could it be a Ton for David his goal for the week……. yes as the scales went round to 102lbDavid 102lb

Last couple of days were fished at the garden, more cats were caught including Ryan with 2 new PB’s on the trot 76 and 78lb.Ryan 78lb

Their last day here ending with more fish including David catching “Lumpy” at 88lb.Lumpy 88lb

So a good weeks fishing over 40 fish landed, David getting his “Ton” Ryan had his first experience on the Ebro catching new PB’s. David is back in September for some more…..some people just can’t stay away!!!!!


Until next time  Paul

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Aug 2014

First Timer’s

In came Shaun and Matty this was to be Matt’s first trip abroad so all new for him, so first question from Matt , Why are we driving on the wrong side of the road???? Ohh dear was it to be one of those weeks!!  No was the answer but Matty provided us with some cracking ammo which we let him have on regular occasions thanks Matt!!

Fishing was steady as it had been the previous weeks, plenty of action with cats around the 50-70lb mark all good fun for the lads as most were coming to the carp and spod rods.Shaun 84lb

Bigger fish were coming to the rods of Shaun at first but then it was Matty’s turn to feel the force of an Ebro Cat and soon proudly holding an 80 for the camera.Matty 80lb

Fishing was ticking along when about 4 days into their trip I returned from a food run. Rods re baited time to eat……..Umm no the cats had a feeding spell where we just couldn’t keep a rod in the water… all good fish crazy but great fun.Shaun 80lb

The lads decided to stick it out at the Fig Tree so they had time to hit the magic Ton, days passed with more 60’s 70’s but no Ton until…… the last day, in fact the last half hour when Shaun was into a good fish, cracking fight nothing but heavy steady plodding about could this be the one??? Well it was a very long fish but after weighing it twice it came up short at 94lb but big fish and a very happy Shaun.Shaun 94lb

That was the last of the action time to wrap it up, but they finished on a high and with over 40 cats landed they had a great weeks fishing. I think this incredible river has got two more well and truly hooked.


Until next time Paul

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Aug 2014

It’s a Sprint not a Marathon

Time for Paddy, Adam and Stuart to arrive, Paddy and Adam have been before but what would Gareth make of it. Fig Tree to start then so truck loaded up off we go, with my super organisation it wouldn’t be long before we would be fishing!!!!! Hello Gareth, oval set up first in the middle of the track!!, bits over here lots over there  ohh dear what a mess, but it didn’t take long to sort him out and soon we had a neat row of rods and ovals with the picnic table in the middle….just as I like it!!!!.  Eagar Gareth (can’t knock eager) was first on the rods and it wasn’t long before he was into a cat good scrap resulting in a 50 plus moggie and a very happy Gareth new PB.Gareth 50lb

With Gareth knocking back the wine, Paddy just chilling and Adam waiting for the rods to go all was good in camp. Fishing was steady with small cats and good carp when the next day and Adam back on the rods has a run on a carp rod. Good plodding fight could it be a good carp or a moggie when it surfaced all was clear a good carp!! Always after knowing what you have hooked you get the nervous moments but we soon had it landed and what a cracking carp. Previously uncaught in scale perfect condition and 34lb well done Adam new PB.Adam 34lb

The next few days and nights passed with cats to 70lb but we came off the fig tree mainly because Gareth wanted a 1kg “T Bone” on the BBQ wow he can eat, well  nearly 3kg of T Bones it was then and a fine feast was had by all. Next morning the plan was to fish the garden, breakfast done went down to have a look only to find a raging torrent!!!! Ohh dear weed clearing day so we went up to Mequinensa to show the lads what they’re not missing!! That night BBQ number 2 yes Gareth Paddy and Adam were up for another steak and fine trimmings. So now you have to picture this. Gareth jumping up and down wanting to go fishing, Paddy up for it and Adam listening to me and getting some sleep. The  river was up passed it’s banks all day so very slippy muddy dangerous and pitch black….We’ll be fine I can still hear ok but your on your own guys! Half hour passes and I hear voices below, I go down to see whats up? Paddy is leaking blood from a head wound ouch Gareth is leaking blood from cut arm  but worst still one of my bank sticks is bent!!!! Turns out that Gilly was right and the bank was slippy muddy and dangerous lol so wounds patched up couple of beers and wait for morning where we could see what we were doing.

The next couple of days proved great fishing at the garden, Paddy managed a new PB 70lb moggiePaddy 70lb

Adam some nice cats topped with a new pb 78Adam 78lb

Gareth had a great final two days catching the Resident at 37lb 12ozGareth 37lb 12oz

And ” Lumpy” at 88lb Lumpy 88lb

Excellent weeks fishing lots of fun on the way, lots of food and some cracking fish caught, thanks lads great company come back for some more….


Until next time Paul

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Jul 2014

Hard Graft

Barry and Les were looking to have better conditions  then last year when they arrived to find the river in full flood. Well that  wasn’t a problem as the river has been at normal levels most of the year so we set off to fish the Factory and Fig Tree. 4 rods set up for the cats as carp are not there target for this week or any as they love their cat fishing.

First day ended with 2 to Barry with the biggest being 48lb so they were off the mark. Following days and a night produced few fish, all small cats 15-30lbs and a 22lb carp that had picked up the 3 pellets. We tried down the Town Stretch for a day but this also only produced 2 small cats ohh dear the river was in good condition but the fish just weren’t having it.

Back to the Fig Tree as this was our best place for a good fish and it was Barry who eventually hooked into a fish that pulled back this resulted in a nice cat at 85lbs at last. Barry 85lb

We stayed into dark but nothing more and we were running out of days. First thing the next day we returned and the rods stayed still till early evening when it was Les to get a bend in a rod and that resulted in a 70lb moggie no monsters but well received.Les 70lb

Next was Barry’s rod to go off, this fish roared off and after a great fight up popped a 50lber which wasn’t really expected.Barry 50lb

The last night they fished the garden a good fish lost and a few small cats was all to show for a very hard weeks fishing. Still they are back in October so surely they will make up for this week then!!!!


Until next time Paul

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Jul 2014

Liverpool Lads in Town

Next in were 3 lads from Liverpool, picking them up from Reus we very soon established they were glad to be here!! and having asked are we nearly there yet (thanks Jack) so many times the scene was set for hands on week!!

They were all up for some night fishing so it was  straight up to the Fig Tree and we soon had 4 cat rods and a couple of carp rods out. Fishing had been slow the previous week and so was this one as not a lot happened for a while, but soon the rods were off no big fish but they were all soon off the mark with small cats all around the 20-30lb mark.

The next two days  passed much the same the lads starting to calm down a bit enjoying the fishing and baguettes and pizzas, the fish though were getting bigger as a 40 and a 50 were banked but still a few small ones. But for these lads they were loving it and off course that is all that matters and with 3 days to go still plenty of time.

Next morning I arrived early to find the carp sack in the water and a tight rope great hopefully a couple of good fish. Result were a 74lb cat and a lovely 28lb common and 3 happy chappies!! Liverpool lads 74lb and 28lb

The following day they decided to go to Portaventura theme park, great idea and obviously a great time had!!! as they arrived back the following day at 4am!! didn’t ask too many questions as all the gory details I didn’t really need to know! So last day they fished the garden and finished off with again small cats and carp, they fished hard but the biggies just didn’t want to play but still they all had a great time which is the only thing that really matters.


Untill next time Paul

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Jul 2014

Not Always About The Fishing

Steve and Ricky next in and it wasn’t the first time they had fished the mighty Ebro. They had fished the lower stretch at Amposta and also up at Caspe. Ricky managing a 165lb at Amposta but it was a while ago. So what would they make of Flix??  First night was the opening game of the World Cup so we had a few beers and watched the game fishing was for tomorrow. We went off to the Fig Tree and soon had rods out, I went off at mid day to sort out baguettes and returned to Ricky in full fight mode. I missed most of the fight but eventually it was landed and sent the scales round to 105lb. Great fight and another ton in the bag.Ricky 105lb

The Lads done the night with some more small cats  but had to wait until evening when it was Steve’s turn to have a go on a big moggie. The fight was again mad with it taking so much line but we soon had it on the bank. How Steve had never broken the magic “Ton” so was great to see the scales go round to 101lb.Steve 101lb

They done a second night at the fig tree but not much to report so we wrapped up camp midday as there was a certain football match on that evening  !! England v Italy. So time out from the fishing with 2 good fish in the bag and we had a night out in Flix. Football same old same old disappointment but to ease the pain Gin and Tonics Vodka Cokes and then a few shots ouch!!!! we strolled in at nearly 6am so lay in and breakfast served at 3pm the following afternoon!!!!

That evening the Lads wanted to see some other spots we are blessed with around here so we went up to Riba Roja in search of a big Ebro Carp.

Camp set with 4 carp rods all on pineapple boilies sit back enjoy the scenery and see what happens. Nothing to report before dark but after the lads had 4 runs only banking 1 fish but it was a typical perfect common just over 20lb’s. We fished till early afternoon when it was time to wrap it up. The fishing was hard but they still banked some target fish 2 100lb plus cats!!, we watched the footy, had a very funny night out in Town and also chilled  and enjoyed the Catalonian countryside. We ticked all the  boxes and with company like yourselves  it was always going to be a great trip, so thanks lads and hope to see you next year.


Until next time Paul

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