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Apr 2014

Sneaky Last Knockings….

Next in were Malcolm and Chris, having  never fished the Ebro  what would they make of it??  My plan for them seeing that they arrived late Saturday night was to nick a couple to get off the mark Sunday here in Flix, then Monday morning set off to Riba Roja and a do an overnighter. All weekend there had been a match on at Riba Roja my bright idea was to make the most of their baiting up and the fact that some good carp to 17kg had been caught. Sunday past with them both off the mark and 3 PB’s Malcolm with a 27lb common and Chris with an upper double carp then a small cat. Monday morning truck packed and off we go, not sure if anyone else had my bright idea we arrived and the swims I had in mind were vacant. In went some boilies and we soon had 6 rods out on my spots so all there was to do was sit back and wait and enjoy the sunshine. Wait and wait and wait well we didn’t even see a fish top all day but never mind we had all night. Morning came nothing!! very quiet and when they don’t show they don’t feed!   8am after a recast 1 of Chris’s rods screems off, Chris pulls into a welcome fish only for the hook to pull. Half hour passes and I’m in only for the hook to pull but action at last. 10 minutes pass and I’m in again this time a good strong fight just when it looked I had it beat hook pull No. 3. Well we very quickly wrapped up camp and left Riba for another day, some bright idea that was!!!

That evening we decided to concentrate on Flix, the  river was flowing but 6oz of lead held lovely and the lads were soon nicking some good carp the next few days plenty of 20′s and lots of 19′s were landed as was a nice rare Mirror and a couple of small cats, but where were the Big Cats?Malcolm 27lb

Malcolm mainly fished for predators back home so had his sights set on an Ebro cat but the water was cold so we held back with very heavy baiting but we were sure there were cats present. Day 4 passed and slowly but surely their tally was getting bigger with more good carp coming great sport and as night fell Malcolm was into some thing that pulled back. Good scrap and at last target fish caught in the shape of a 68lb cat, very welcome getting one in the bag. Next few days passed more carp, more 20′s but with nearly 50kg of pellet gone in no big moggy. Happy with his 68 and Chris happy getting plenty of action I mentioned not to give up as so many times the “dream fish” comes right at the last knockings!!

Day 7 and more carp, now up to 25 plus carp and cats and the last night possibly last chance to catch a Big Cat soon came round. 8-30pm and the expected thunder storm which had been brewing arrived right over our heads. Very loud thunder amazing lightening display and an absolute down pour put pay to their trip. Half hour passed with us looking out at the storm till we decided to go and have a beer in the village. Few beers downed and back home with the storm passed by, up early for one last go.

Morning came and the  lads were up a bit later than normal and from the house looking down they were holding cameras not rods in their hands. Morning have you got one? Yes and a good one replied Malcolm! I didn’t hear you go down this morning? I didn’t  I went down last night!!!!   Sneaky as Chris didn’t hear him go down either, 2 carp and a good cat roped up. Most would have gone to bed not Malcolm he “Sneaked Down” and by 12 mid night was into a proper fight. 15 mins and all on his own Malcolm landed and roped up a good one ….but how good?? A pull on the rope revealed a very wide cat, could it hit the magic “Ton”. We popped it into the sling, the scales flew round once (well that’s 120) and settled at 131lb. What a great result and hats off to Malcolm, not only for not giving up but in the pitch black playing landing and roping up a big moggie is far from easy.Malcolm 131lb

That was that, one last 20lb carp in the afternoon brought the tally to 30 odd fish  9 being 20′s and 4 cats, great weeks fishing and another example of never giving up!! there is always a chance even at the last knockings!!!!!!  Well done to you both, very well deserved.


Until next time  Paul










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Apr 2014

Merry Christmas…..”Sorted”

Brad and Alex, first people in this year looking to catch one of the Ebro’s famous big cats. Alex done all the arranging as it was a surprize Christmas present for Brad who like many dreamt of ” having a go” on this famous river.

Meeting them at the airport an excited Brad came running out from the sliding doors lets go!!! whilst Alex carrying all the bags came through  wow!!  what an “Old Sort” I thought  Happy Christmas to me!!  (easy Brad only joking…..no i’m not). Journey back to Flix was full of expectation and talk of tactics great as the river was flowing and it looked like we would have to work hard to nick a few. By early afternoon Brad had two rods out squeezed under the bamboo, fishing just 2 rod lengths out awesome and a happy Brad.

First fish came quickly to the tune of a lovely 24lb 12oz common, great start and Brad is off the mark and got him sat in his chair instead of perched on the edge (we’ve all done it!).  1 more 20 came before dark so 2 in the bag first day great. Brad was up with the birds day 2 and radioed in that another 20 was in the sack. By mid day a couple more had come to the simple tactics just double Pineapple with Butyric acid boilies. With some cracking carp coming to the boilie rod the pellet rod stayed quiet, but the water was cold so any Cats that were around needed some bait to get them interested so we gave them some pellets, plenty in fact so really just had to wait and be “patient” Brad!!!  5 o’clock and Brad has smoked all his cigs so I’m sent off to get some more, on my return I radioed down to them anything happening. Alex replied CAT!!!!!!!! in fact I could here Brad screaming from the house!! so I made my way down to the river expecting to see Brad and Alex smiling with a cat roped up,   Ohh dear no,  Brad was hanging on for dear life still in full fight mode, too something that could just make his Christmas. Before he even wetted a line I tried to explain the shear power of a big “Moggie” but you can not beat reality and poor Brad had no idea this is what it’s like!!  The river was flowing so that didn’t help as before I arrived it had already visited the far bank now it was down the margin so had to get it out. Steady pressure still wasn’t enough this really was an angry cat, quite incredible under- the- rod- tip fight  but eventually it tired and we had it. I am  sure Brad would tell you that it was one of those moments in fishing he will never forget, 15 mins of hell ending in the perfect Christmas present. Brad Alex 120lb

Here he is Brad one happy man, 120lb Ebro cracker and the “lovely Old Sort” Alex. After all the excitement and Brad being worn out! we called it an early day with a BBQ and a few beers and Coke Colas!.

Day 3 passed with a bit of action another couple of  common’s  but it was slow could it be a sign of a weather front which was expected was on it’s way. 5am the following morning you could hear the rain and it didn’t stop all day we did get the rods out but 2 lost fish added to the miserable day, but we still had most of day 5. Up with the birds again Brad radioed in that he had another upper 20 in the sack and shortly after he had another.24lb 12oz

This 24lb 12oz common was just 1 of 4 mid 20′s caught on the last day, definitely making up for yesterday, and look who got in on the action with her first ever carp!!Alex 24lb 13oz

24lb 13oz very good for your first, but time had crept by and it was time to wrap it up, totals 11 carp of which 7 were big 20′s and of course the cracking 120lb cat. Great few days fishing lots of banter as always probably got Brad hooked with this  incredible river and a pair of Pink Hunters!! only a Sort would wear them.

Until next time  Paul

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Feb 2014

Peaking Early!!

After a couple of weeks discussing tactics and a quick scouting trip last week James arrived for our winter session up at Caspe.

We picked Caspe as Chipirana and Escatron were both virtually unfishable due to the amount of water entering the Ebro system. Caspe widens out and I found a nice swim where both the main river and a flooded bay were accessible.

Truck packed we set off up stream to the chosen swim. On arrival we quickly located the old river bed with the dingy and fish finder and looked for any features worth putting a bait on. 80 yards or so was the river bed 38 feet of water but no features it was perfectly flat every where apart from a point 300 plus yards away which was the entrance too the flooded bay. 2 markers placed, pellets and boilies were used to bait up with boilies used as hook baits so they would last the night.

Night soon came no runs but fish were showing but in no particular areas so as dawn broke we were both up early to see if we could pin them down.

I went out in the dingy to see if I could see anything on the fish finder, as I was over our baited area my rod tip pulls over and James is in on my rod. Quickly back to the bank rod passed over as agreed and I end up landing a pristine 34lb 4oz common. DSC_1170

Good start and really great confidence boost, we re-baited placing our baits using the dingy feeding again a mixture of boilies and pellets. 2pm and I’m in again not a big fish at 13lb 13oz but a fish. Nothing else happened during the day but a flat calm stunning evening and the 2 earlier fish gave us hope of  a great session as there were 3 nights still ahead of us.Caspe Feb 2014

We woke to a cold and frosty morning  with no action, we re baited but the day and night passed with not a bleep. Time to make a decision and we both agreed we needed to give them some bait,  15kg of boilies and pellets we spread over the marked area, baits placed, time to sit back and wait and see what happens. The evening past with no action and as the bottom was flat and clean we decided to leave the rigs out. Night came and the weather took a turn, wind and very cold rain directed straight at us I zipped the oval front up whilst a sleepy James knew nothing about it until 4am when his Delkim screamed into life. He was up and on it very quickly as 60 hours had passed without a bleep. After the fish shock it’s head to start with it eventually realised it was hooked and soon was peeling line off the reel. I didn’t know that in fact James was in automatic mode and still half asleep (how many times have we done that!!!)  our plan was to walk up the bank and play the fish up high (so as to lift the line free of the old river bank) but when caught out you don’t always do it and you guessed it with the fish taking line James was cut off !!!  Quick re rig and back out leaving the reactions to what had happened till the morning.

Morning came with the alarms staying silent, I  sent one rod out over 300 yards to the point just to try something different, James kept his on the baited area but with just the day and night to go and the wind picking up we were running out of time. Well by 10am the waves were getting bigger and the wind was straight at us. In 4 days we had seen it all 22 degrees sunshine, frost, flat calm, cloud, rain now a very strong wind so strong we couldn’t get out on the dingy. Casting into the wind ment our rigs would drop short but that’s all we could do. Still nothing our lines were so bowed the leads were probably being dragged about but at 4 pm I had a couple of bleeps from the rod still on the baited area, the tip dipped and I was into a fish. Not the fish we were after but another 13lb common, but a fish and we had the rest of the afternoon and night to come. Evening came and the wind was even stronger no chance to get the baits on our markers which in fact had  disappeared!! We sat out our last night  rueing he’s lost fish and with us hoping the wind would drop just a bit but it wasn’t to be. We woke to a flat calm!! ( typical) with carp topping as they had the previous days one here one there, no real pattern, but we had to pack up so that was that.

So after catching a 30 so early in the session it turned out to be biggest, very disappointing as we worked so hard but what fish were out there just didn’t want to get their heads down and with the weather all over the place we were up against it.


Until next time  Paul


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Feb 2014

Looking Forward to the New Season

Like all us Carp Anglers Fishermen women  the new year brings many thoughts of what the year will bring.

The weather back in the UK remains very wet with all the rivers close if not bursting their banks. Here is much the same with the dam here in Flix open but up stream above the dams this time of year  is time to think about the Ebro’s Carp. Whilst the Cat’s are less active almost dorment it’s time to have a go for the huge Ebro carp without getting pestered by the “Moggies”.Sunrise Flix

Waking up to a cold misty morning, cup of tea in hand, huge Ebro Common rolling over the bait a great experience.

Within the next 2 weeks I’m up and running again with Carp trips. Concentrating on the bigger fish upstream  I’ll keep you posted on how we get on. I still have 1 trip early March available for anybody eager to get fishing.


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Jan 2014

Winter Carping Special £225.00 pp

Before the cats really start to get moving there is a great opportunity to have a go for the Ebro’s carp. Winter early Spring can produce some of the Ebro’s huge carp and is always good or a bite or two.

For those interested I am running 2 Winter Carp Fishing Specials. The first is for  Sunday 23rd February till Thursday 27th. The second is for Sunday 2nd March till Thursday 6th. These 4 night deals will cost £225.00 per person. Includes transfers from Reus Airport, Tackle hire, B&B, Evening Meal and Guiding.

Deal is for a group of 3 anglers (2 anglers £300.00 pp) fishing in Riba Roja, only extras are licences/day tickets, Bait, mid day snacks and drinks.

Ryanair are running a service from Stansted to Reus on these days with flights as I write at £45.00 return.

For more details or make a reservation please call or email.


(please note we may be night fishing when breakfast and evening meal will be cooked on the bank)


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Dec 2013

Sneaky Overnighter

Well with Christmas coming up fast I didn’t think I would be able to get the rods out until the New Year. Also the weather here hasn’t been great, very cold with fog and mist stopping the sun from showing all day for nearly 2 weeks. But after having a look up at Riba Roja and seeing a few fish showing we decided to put some bait in and have a go the following day.

Fishing with Dave we arrived midday ish set up camps and out with 2 rods. My head said scale down but we have lost a lot of fish from here this year (you will know if you came here this year) so I stuck to the norm. Getting bites is the easy part tackling the snags and Zebra mussels is the hard bit. So I went with 50lb floro leader size 2 continental 35lb braided hook link, bait well there is ONLY one bait in the winter here On The Ebro ( but don’t tell anyone) and that is Essential Opal by Mainline topped with a pineapple pop up perfectly balanced off the hook. Just before dark I had a small common the mist was forming so after dinner we got into the bags and wait and see if the Opals would do the biz. Up to 3am I had had 8 runs landing only 3 all doubles, loosing fish is not nice but it’s part of fishing here and have to except it….. to a point.

Dave had a mad half hour at 4am 4 runs landing 3 again doubles. Morning came with a very thick fog but lots of fish crashing out even though you couldn’t see them. Time to go with my head, both rods in, dip into the cat fishing bits bag and found the 250lb leader, next size 8 wide gap X with 25lb mantis hook link no need to change the bait!!!!! Now that is what I call scaling down! even though the leader may be a bit excessive!!

Dave left me too it, so out the rods went just as the Sun was starting to show itself, half hour went by when the left rod rattles off. Now I’m sure my leader will hold! but what about my silly little hook, no problem a good strong steady fight which normally means in a better fish, resulted in a cracker. Roach man Ron was on hand to take a couple of pics of me and a lovely 33lb 10oz common.33lb 10 oz  Me

I fished through till 5pm and added 4 more carp without dropping any!! all beautiful upper doubles. Just goes to show little hooks do stay in and 250lb leader doesn’t spook the fish!!!! or did they think it was just another tree truck laying on the bottom!!

This really is the last time out this year, hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year and look forward to seeing lots of you again next year.


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